Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP was co-founded in the 1970s by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. NLP is the way of understanding how people receive information, organise their thinking and feeling and apply language to that experience that creates the behaviour to produce the results that they do. NLP is also a methodology to model outstanding performances of leaders in their fields, for Modelling Excellence.

A key element to NLP is that we are individually unique. We create our own mental maps that set us apart from each other through our five senses.


Each individual has their own filters to unconsciously process all the information they take in through their senses.


We then assign personal meaning by consciously assigning language to an experience.


The behavioural response that occurs as a result of the neurological filtering processes and subsequent linguistic map.

NLP can be used for Business Success and Personal Development. It can be applied to: Education, Training, Leadership, Presentations, Therapy, Lifestyle Change Work.

The NLP courses taught at Focused On You have the option to be certified with the ink signature of the NLP Co-founder John Grinder and developers of NLP New Code; Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll.

NLP Core Skills
Classic and New Code
Module 1

NLP Practitioner
Classic and New Code
Module 2

NLP Inductive Presentation
and Training Techniques
‘The Ultimate Toolbox’

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